EVO Visian ICL

The most common way to correct vision problems like nearsightedness and astigmatism is with contact lenses or glasses. Both involve placing a corrective lens over the eye to compensate for refractive errors

While this is a fairly effective way to improve vision for many people, it has many drawbacks. Active, adventurous individuals, in particular, may struggle with the inconvenience of glasses or contacts keeping them from water sports and recreational activities like backpacking. And not all of these individuals are eligible for a laser eye procedure like LASIK to solve the problem. In this case, implantable contact lenses (ICL) may be the answer!

What is EVO Visian ICL?

Instead of placing contact lenses on the eye’s surface, the EVO Visian ICL procedure inserts the lens between the iris and the eye’s natural lens. The ICL, or implantable collamer lens, is an artificial lens implant made with collagen. It looks and acts similar to contact lenses but without the hassle of inserting and removing it daily.

Like other corrective lenses, EVO ICL changes how light hits the retina to correct refractive errors. EVO Visian ICL can treat moderate and high myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism.

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About EVO Visian ICL

There are many vision correction options if you want to ditch the glasses and contact lenses. The best way to determine which is right for you is to consult an experienced eye surgeon like Dr. Jennifer Wu.

Almost everyone is familiar with LASIK, but only some are eligible for it. Those who aren’t candidates for laser eye surgery may benefit from EVO Visian ICL instead. If you can’t have LASIK because of thin or irregular corneas, dry eye, high prescription, or an active lifestyle with contact sports, you may be better suited for an ICL procedure.

Ideal candidates for EVO ICL have a stable prescription of myopia or astigmatism and are aged 21 to 45. Patients older than 50 will likely benefit from a lens replacement surgery like RLE, which replaces the eyes’ natural lenses to treat presbyopia and prevent cataracts. EVO ICL can treat mild to severe myopia (-3.0D to -20.0D) and astigmatism ranging from 1.0D to 4.0D.

The EVO ICL procedure is quick and simple. No corneal tissue is removed, making it an additive procedure with the benefit of being reversible in the future. The EVO Visian ICL procedure takes 15-20 minutes per eye. You can go home shortly after with a friend or family member to drive you.

Your eyes will be numbed, and you may be given a mild sedative if necessary. Then, Dr. Wu will make a tiny incision in your eye to insert the ICL, tucking it behind the iris and over your natural lens. Since the ICL sits behind the iris (the colored part of your eye), the ICL is invisible to others.

Very little recovery is needed since EVO ICL doesn’t remove any tissue and requires only tiny incisions. Patients typically have little to no discomfort from the procedure and can resume their usual activities within two days. You’ll have a follow-up appointment with Dr. Wu so she can evaluate your vision and healing after surgery.

You will need to use prescription eye drops and avoid eye makeup, contact sports, and swimming for a week. Many people have instantly improved vision after the procedure, but optimal results may take a few weeks. You shouldn’t be able to feel or see the ICL in your eyes.

EVO Visian ICL is designed to offer permanent vision enhancement. However, one of the benefits of the procedure is that it’s fully reversible. The ICL can be replaced or removed if your prescription changes or if you have cataract surgery later. Patients typically enjoy improved vision for years with EVO ICL.

Unlike LASIK, EVO Visian ICL does not increase the risk of dry eye. It can also improve night vision in some cases. You shouldn’t need glasses or contact lenses after the ICL procedure, though some patients may still need reading glasses for up-close tasks.

Our Advanced Technology for EVO Visian ICL

Her dedication to turning no patient away distinguishes Dr. Wu from other refractive eye surgeons. She uses advanced technology and meticulously takes detailed measurements to give patients the best results and ensure she can help every patient, even in complex cases. Dr. Wu often takes on patients who have been refused by other eye surgeons or helps them achieve better results if they previously had an unsuccessful procedure elsewhere.

If you’ve been told you’re not eligible for vision correction procedures, Dr. Wu can help. With the most advanced technology and innovative methods, she offers something for everyone and tailors every procedure to the individual’s needs.

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