Meet Dr. Wu

Dr. Jennifer Wu, MD, is a board-certified, cornea fellowship-trained eye surgeon at One EyeCare. She offers innovative vision correction procedures and specializes in achieving exceptional results for even the most complex cases.

As a cornea specialist with 10+ years of experience taking on complex cases that other ophthalmologists refuse, Dr. Wu is a true surgeon’s surgeon. She graduated from Yale in 2005 and Yale University School of Medicine in 2009, completing her ophthalmology residency at Doheny Eye Institute in 2013. She now specializes in managing corneal disease, laser surgeries like LASIK, and auto-immune eye diseases. 

Out of the office, Dr. Wu is an active tennis player and skier. She recognizes how vision correction can enhance the busy lifestyles of her patients, having experienced the benefits herself. She is also trilingual and enjoys traveling internationally with her family. In the office, patients find Dr. Wu to be professional and engaged. Her experience, expertise, and care provide the clear vision they’ve always wanted.

Laser vision correction like LASIK provides countless patients with clearer vision, freeing them from dependence on contact lenses and glasses. Dr. Wu uses the latest technology to provide optimal results during laser eye surgery. You can enjoy your busy lifestyle and recreational activities at your best, glasses-free.

As popular as laser procedures like LASIK are, they can’t conquer the eye’s natural aging. Dr. Wu also offers intraocular lens implants in cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange procedures. Patients over 50 can prevent cataracts with permanent lens replacement and say goodbye to reading glasses.

Dr. Wu’s mission is always to provide compassionate, personalized care, especially for those struggling with chronic eye conditions or those whom other eye surgeons have turned away for their vision correction needs. She doesn’t shy away from challenging cases and often helps patients achieve better results after a dissatisfactory past procedure performed elsewhere.

Dr. Wu provides eyecare and refractive eye surgery at One EyeCare, proudly serving Orange County in Costa Mesa, CA. We offer comprehensive optometry and ophthalmology services tailored to every patient’s needs. Whether it’s time for a routine eye exam or a detailed consultation about vision correction procedures, we’ve got you covered.

Goodbye, Glasses
and Contacts.

Hello, Clear Vision!

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